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A brief introduction of plunger

Time: 2017-09-14

A plunger pump is a type of positive displacement pump where the high-pressure seal is stationary and a smooth cylindrical plunger slides through the seal. This makes them different from piston pumps and allows them to be used at higher pressures. This type of pump is often used to transfer municipal and industrial sewage.

Rotary piston and plunger pumps use a crank mechanism to create a reciprocating motion along an axis, which then builds pressure in a cylinder or working barrel to force gas or fluid through the pump. Seals are an integral part of piston pumps and plunger pumps to separate the power fluid from the media that is being pumped. A stuffing boxor packing is used to seal the joint between the vessel where the media is transferred and the plunger or piston.

Plunger pumps component materials are chosen for wear and contact with the media type. Component materials include bronze, brass, steel,stainless steel, iron, nickel alloy, or other material

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